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my niani jewelry
my niani jewelry

Louis Jr. Sangare-King (founder) was inspired by his mother, Yahne King M. Sangare. Yahne lived within a foundation of African culture; unique, but in no way monolithic. She was an incredible woman, a Pan-African icon; super-model, journalist, ambassador, activist. 


Since the early 2000’s, Niani Gallery has been promoting its collections and unique works of art that are created by African artists and designers. NiaNi Gallery has been located in the Washington DC area for more than 15 years.  


We have named our gallery after the prosperous, empirical era of Manden Kurufaba (Mali c. 1230 - 1600). Our pieces are modern interpretations of this era. 


We maintain our mission to promote superior solid sterling silver through our Limited casting “timeless sterling silver collection” of African adornments, talismans, and masks and our handmade by collection created amazing contemporary African artists. 


In the special section we offer one-of-a-kind African artwork and paintings.

"I found so much human expression in the world of adornment that I believe it is one of the highest forms of human culture.”   – LS-K

I was inspired by my mother Yahney Sangarey's commitment to promote true African culture.

My enthusiasm to represent contemporary jewelers and artists from Africa and its Diaspora has been a formidable journey into the world of creativity. I have the privilege to promote talented artists. I believe each piece of jewelry is a personal Talisman for its wearer who gives it a secret energy that communicates subtly with the world.


Attractiveness is a precise word for beauty and I want to make the various collections of Niani attractive.

I believe that good jewelry always balances creativity, shapes, weight and colors and must be well-finished. Today, my focus is to find my collections new markets. Ultimately, I desire Niani Gallery to pass the test of time and become the brand of timeless heirloom jewelry made by Africans for the rest of the world.

Louis Jr. Sangare-King, Owner of Niani Gallery 




Louis Jr. Sangare-King



Ahmed Ibrah Landi


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